• What is Rapidpass Pelajar?
    • Rapidpass pelajar is a monthly students’ travel pass which offers 50% discounts for students. Students can enjoy unlimited rides for 30 days on all RapidKL buses and LRT as well as the Monorel. The card uses the Touch ‘n Go system.
  • How do I use Rapidpass Pelajar?
    • Users just need to touch the card at the Touch 'n Go reader when boarding the bus, or at the LRT and Monorail gates upon entry as well as when they exit. The balance of days available will be displayed at the reader.
  • How many types of Rapidpass Pelajar cards are offered?
    There are two types of cards offered:
    • Rapidpass Pelajar Bas(RM50) - card may be used for unlimited rides for 30 days on all RapidKL bus services : Utama, Bandar and Tempatan except Express
    • Rapidpass Pelajar Integrasi (RM100)- card may be used for unlimited rides for 30 days on all RapidKL services; Bus (including Ekspres), LRT and Monorail
  • Who can apply for Rapidpass Pelajar?
    • Primary/ Secondary school, college and university students, including foreign students may apply to buy Rapidpass Pelajar card. Students need to ensure they have all the necessary documents before applying for the card.
  • What is the difference between Rapidpass Pelajar and the Touch 'n Go card?
    • When using the normal Touch 'n Go card, the reader will display the prepaid balance (RM) in the card, but for Rapidpass Pelajar, the reader will instead display the balance number of days usable.
  • What do I need to apply for Rapidpass Pelajar?
    • The required documents needed for registration are:

      1. identification cards/birth certificates/passports

      2. student cards.

      Please bring the original document as well as a copy of the original document, verified by the school/college/higher learning institution.
  • What is the difference between Rapidpass Pelajar and the Touch ‘n Go card?
    • Users of Rapidpass Pelajar saves up to 50% compared to the normal Rapidpass Bas RM100 or Rapidpass Integrasi RM150.
  • How much do I need to pay for a Rapidpass Pelajar?
    • Each applicant needs to pay RM10 to purchase a Touch ‘n Go card. They then need to choose their card of choice.

      No. Card Type Malaysian Pass Foreign Pass
      1. Rapidpass Pelajar Bus RM50 RM75
      2. Rapidpass Pelajar Integrasi RM100 RM125

      The value purchased is valid for 30 days of unlimited travel.

      All transactions are in cash only.

      If you have finished your value and would like to continue using the service, you need to renew the service at the Point of Sales at Pasar Seni LRT station or any LRT stations. You may renew the Rapidpass Pelajar 7 days before it expires. If you do so, the 7 days balance in your card is not deducted.
  • Where can I get a Rapidpass Pelajar card?
    • To purchase a Rapidpass Pelajar card, go to any LRT stations to get the application form. Complete the form and bring it together with the required documents to the Rapidpass Pelajar Sales Point in Pasar Seni LRT station.

      Rapidpass Pelajar Card may be purchased or renewed anytime and not within any specific time frame. The 30 day value is activated from the time it is purchased or renewed.
  • Can I use Rapidpass Pelajar for toll payments and parking areas equipped with the Touch 'n Go facility?
    • Yes, but you need to reload the card at any Touch 'n Go reload counters or ATMs equipped with the Touch 'n Go facility.
  • What is EZ?
    • EZ is an added feature to Rapidpass Pelajar. With EZ, your Rapidpass Pelajar will be renewed automatically every month, without having to go to the LRT counters. You just need to ensure your Rapidpass Pelajar has enough reload value in it, e.g Rapidpass Pelajar Bus RM50 or Rapidpass Pelajar Integrasi RM100.

      You may activate the EZ function when applying for the card or at the Sales Point at Pasar Seni LRT station.
  • My MyKad had been activated as an electronic Touch 'n Go card. May I use it to activate the Rapidpass Pelajar function?
    • No. You need to get a new Rapidpass Pelajar card as the new card contains several safety features to disable abuse of usage.

      You may not use your existing Touch 'n Go card as well to activate the Rapidpass Pelajar feature.
  • Can I lend my Rapidpass Pelajar card to my friend?
    • No. Rapidpass Pelajar is not transferable and RapidKL will not hesitate to take action against any abuse of the Rapidpass Pelajar card.